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Curriculum vitae

Born 1948

1986: PhD in Social Anthropology, Institute of Higher Studies in Social Sciences (EHESS: 'Ecole des Hautes Etudes en Sciences Sociales'), Paris

Since 1988, Research Fellow, then Senior Research Fellow ('Directeur de recherche') at the French National Centre for Scientific Research (CNRS). Emeritus in 2013.

I was a member (1988-2009) of the Centre for Indian and South Asian Studies (CEIAS), Paris, a research institution jointly managed by the EHESS and the CNRS. I later joined (2010) the Research Centre for Ethnology and Comparative Sociology (LESC), jointly managed by the CNRS and the University Paris-West Nanterre, and was its director from 2010 to 2012.


Coordination of research programmes

Coordination of research programmes within the CEIAS

1988-1991 ProgrammeViolence/ Non-Violence in India [Violences et non-violences en Inde], coord. jointly with E. Meyer & D. Vidal.

1989-1993 Programme Socio-Religious Practices and Models in Sociology [Des pratiques socio-religieuses aux modèles sociologiques], coord. jointly with J. Assayag.

1990-1993 Programme  The Acculturation of Islam and Christianity in the Hindu World [Acculturation de l'islam et du christianisme en contexte hindou - pratiques et débats], coord. jointly with J. Assayag.

1994-1997 Programme The Body in India [Le Corps en Inde], coord. jointly with V. Bouillier.

1997-2001 Programme Hindu Rituals: Transfers and Transformations [Rites hindous : transferts et transformations], coord. jointly with G. Colas.

2005-2009 Programme Childhoods in South Asia [Enfances en Asie du Sud], coord. jointly with V. Bouillier & G. Colas.

Co-direction of a programme funded by the French "Agence nationale de la recherche"

2009-2012 JUST-INDIA, Justice and Governance in India and south Asia, with Daniela Berti

Coordination of international seminars and workshops

1998 International seminar Doors to Asia: the multiple heritages of Vasco de Gama, Paris, coord. jointly with S. Subrahmanyam & I. Županov.

2000 French-German Workshop Changes through Rituals, Changes in Rituals. The Dynamics of Socio-Religious Constructions in South  and East Asia, Paris, coord. jointly with G. Colas & K.P. Köpping.

2001 International seminar The Politics of Authenticity. The Case of Modern and Contemporary Visual Arts in India, Paris, coord. jointly with D.Vidal & T.Guha Thakurta.

2003 Indo-French seminar Culture, Identity and Development, Paris, coord. jointly with F.Landy & Biswajit Das.

2003 International seminar Past as the Present. A Discourse on South Asian Society, Paris, coord. jointly with C.Servan-Schreiber& Badri Narayan.

2005 International seminar Conflicts, Law, and Constitutionalism, Paris, coord. jointly with Ranabir Samaddar.

2005 Annual workshop of the CEIAS Images et religions en Asie du Sud, Paris, coord. jointly with M.-Cl. Mahias.

2010 International Workshop: 1st General Meeting of the Just-India Programme, Paris, with D.Berti.

2010 One-day seminars: Comparer dans l'espace et dans le temps pour penser l'homme en société, and Essai de prospective. L'environnement institutionnel de l'anthropologie et ses évolutions, LESC, Nanterre.

2010 One-day seminar ANR-"Just-India" Anthropologie des procédures judiciaires (Europe, Afrique, Asie du Sud), Centre A.G.Haudricourt, Villejuif, with D.Berti.

2011 Joint one-day seminar LESC-GECKO (Nanterre) Les pratiques de l'espace. Approches ethnologiques et géographiques,Nanterre,  with Sophie Blanchy and Frédéric Landy.

2011 One- day seminar Anthropologies en partage?, LESC, Nanterre.

2011 International workshop (2 days) Law and Social Exclusion in India, Yale University, with D.Berti and K.Sivaramakrishnan.

2012    International workshop Religion and the Courts in South Asia, ANR « Just-India », Paris, 18-19 June. with Daniela Berti and Raphaël Voix.

2012    Panel « Of Doubt and Proof : Ritual and Legal practices of Judgment », Nanterre, 12 July,with Daniela Berti et Anthony Good (EASA 12th Biennial Conference Uncertainty and Disquiet, Nanterre, 10-13 July).

2013 International workshop Through the Lens of Law : Power and Society in India, ANR "Just-India"Paris, 7-8 January, with Daniela Berti.

Experience in teaching and in supervising students

Teaching experience

(some of the following courses were taught in collaboration)

- National Institute of Oriental Languages and Civilizations (INALCO), Paris (1987-2007) : Introduction  to South Indian history and culture; Religious traditions in India; Introduction to Indian society; Society, politics and religion in India; participation to the general course Introduction to South-Asia civilization.

- University Paris 7-Denis Diderot (1997-2004) : Social anthropology of India.

- University Paris 10-Nanterre (1997-2007) : Introduction to religious anthropology; Social anthropology of Indian society.

-International Institute for Educational Planning (UNESCO), Master programme "Advanced Training Programme in Educational Planning and Management" (2004-2007): Methodologies in qualitative studies.

- University of Yale, Deparment of Anthropology and Department of religious StudiesPopular Religion in India: Shifting Boundaries  and Practices of Power (2007 & 2008); Dealing with Misfortune in Contemporary India (2008).

Experience in the supervision of students

- Tuition and supervision (past and current) of  52 "Maîtrises", 22 "DEA/DESS/Master2", 33 Ph.D.
Participation in 46 jurys for evaluating PhD / "Habilitation à diriger des recherches".

Management, evaluation


2002-2005 Director of the South-Asia Programme of Collaboration in the Social Sciences and the Humanities, Fondation Maison des Sciences de l'Homme (FMSH), Paris.

2006 Scientific Director in charge of the CNRS sector dedicated to Social Anthropology, Department of Social Sciences and Humanities, Central Direction of CNRS.

2010-2012 Director of the Research Centre for Ethnology and Comparative Sociology (Laboratoire d'Ethnologie et de Sociologie Comparative -LESC), Nanterre.

Membership in evaluation committees

-redaction committee of Xoana. Images et sciences sociales (Xoana. Images and Social Sciences), 1997-2001.

-reviewing committee of the collection "Monde indien" (South Asia), CNRS Editions, 2004-2006

-redaction committee of Bulletin de l'Ecole Française d'Extrême-Orient (2007-2013)

- director of publication Ateliers d'anthropologie (2010-2012), then member of its redaction committee.

-recruiting commission  ("commissions de spécialistes"), section 20 : University Paris 10 (1998-2001); University Paris 7 (2004-2006).

- "comité national de la recherche scientifique", section 38 (2008-2011)

-scientific committee for doctoral and post-doctoral scholarships at Musée du Quai Branly (2006-2011).

-scientific committee of the French Asian Network "Réseau Asie-IMASIE" (2006-2009).

-scientific committee for the French Institutes in Asia managed by the Foreign Ministry (2006-2015).


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