couverture : Conflict, Law and Constitutions

This special issue of Diogenes is published as an aftermath of the international conference, Conflicts, Law and Constitutionalism, held at the Foundation "Maison des Sciences de l'Homme", Paris, in February 2005. The aim was to give some in-depth comparative thought to institutional management of social and political crisis and violence, not so much in the area of law as in developing the legal framework - the very concept of the legal state. Calling for the most part on political science specialists, philosophers, historians, there was also an issue of disciplines that meant bringing the study of law - in its relationship with inequalities, violence and the exercise of power - back into the social science area in accordance with a clear trend of the last few years.
The conference brought together  researchers from 11 nationalities, from South Asia, Europe, Russia, North Africa and Latin America. This volume presents some of their contributions.


Gilles TARABOUT: Foreword

Ranabir SAMADDAR: Introduction

Dietmar ROTHERMUND: Constitution Making and Decolonization

Ranabir SAMADDAR: Law and Terror in the Age of Colonial Constitution Making

Olivier LE COUR GRANDMAISON: The Exception and the Rule: On French Colonial Law

Zoya HASAN: Constitutional Equality and the Politics of Representation in India

Marcus FRANK: Wars without End: The Case of the Naga Hills

Paula BANERJEE: The Acts and Facts of Women's Autonomy in India

Mohammad WASEEM: Constitutionalism in Pakistan: The Changing Patterns of Dyarchy

Ujjwal Kumar SINGH: The Silent Erosion: Anti-Terror Laws and Shifting Contours of Jurisprudence in India


Marc GABORIEAU: Alice Thorner (1917-2005)


Mordecaï ROSHWALD: The Biblical Roots of Democracy


Nicole Loraux, La tragédie d'Athènes. La politique entre l'ombre et l'utopie, reviewed by Catherine DARBO-PESCHANSKI